Our Story

Welcome to The V Club

We aim to make it easy and exciting for you to have access to luxury vegan treats to indulge in, whilst minimising our impact on the environment. We hand make all of our treats with love and care (no cardboard brownies here!).

We are a family run business that hand bake everything that you see in our store, all of our brownies, cookies and treats are made to order in a vegan kitchen that is powered by 100% renewable energy.
The V Club packaging is simplistic by design so that everything, even the tape, is compostable and recyclable. Veganism and the environment go hand in hand, there's no planet B. We even counteract any carbon emissions created from the delivery process by planting trees in the Amazon Rainforest!

The V Club was born because we were tired of going to the supermarket and feeling like an after thought. We couldn't find any truly delicious vegan treats, we tried everything available. All we wanted was a tasty chocolatey treat! So we made our own. We quickly discovered that our family and friends (non-vegans) loved them too and were shocked to find out they were vegan.

We want to give you a great variety of flavours and treats. We will continue to expand our range, if there is anything you would like to see in our store please get in touch here 

Caring for the planet and the animals in our world doesn't mean you have to compromise on flavour or choice anymore!